A Night With Spirits – An Immersive Paranormal Investigation Experience

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Mar 3 @ 5:00 pm 8:00 pm EST

A Night With Spirits

About This Event

Have you ever been interested in being a part of a paranormal investigation?

Want to learn more about your own psychic abilities and put them to the test in a safe and guided method?

Maybe you’re just interested and a bit curious about the spirit world?!

Karena Osborne, That Witch Karena, Psychic Medium, Identity Alchemy Coach, and overall spiritual badass joins Amanda Dubois, Pathfinder, Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, Paranormal Investigator and more. They will offer lessons and tips on using your own intuition, connecting to the Clairs and noticing subtleties in the environment when conducting investigations or connecting to the spirit world.

Then Kassy Stefanac, Weeping Willow Paranormal will be providing the group with training and techniques for a successful paranormal investigation. She will be discussing the equipment she uses and interesting evidence she has collected using these methods. You will be given an opportunity to test out some of the equipment and ask her questions pertaining to ghost hunting and spirit sightings.

We will then break into smaller groups and each conduct our own investigation in the historic and haunted Honsberger Estate Winery, in Jordan, ON. Come see for yourself, and meet the spirits that reside there firsthand in a safe and studious environment with experienced guides and mentors in this field.

Limited Capacity.