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Amie Genesse
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Amie Genesse, The Ridgeville Witch
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Psychic Inuitive
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What Brought Me To This Work?

I have always felt drawn to the mystical and unknown. I would read or watch anything I could and question the answers that I found. This lead me to practicing white light spell work, learning everything I could about Tarot and most importantly learning to trust my own intuition. I love being able to help people manifest their goals and desires, as well as, with the guidance of Spirit help them to understand the situations they are encountering and the decisions they are making. Recently I have become a certified Reiki practitioner and am working with energy to help people raise their own vibration so that they can live their best, most rewarding life.

What Services Do I Offer?

Intuitive psychic reading
Connecting with Spirit and Guides to enlighten, encourage and lovingly
guide you along the path you are on or will be encountering. This can be done in a group setting as well.

Card reading
I use several decks including, traditional Tarot, Energy, Gypsy and Angel, to give validation and clarification to the intuitive messages passed on to me through my connection with Spirit for individuals or groups.

As a certified Reiki practitioner I use relaxing atmosphere and energy to balance chakras,
clear blockages and raise your vibration.

Spell work
Spells are a combination of physical items (herbs, crystals, incense and other items) provided in a bottle created with the highest love and intention given with the steps to lead you towards what you wish to manifest in your life, like love, abundance, clearing,
empowerment and many more. Spell work is customized to individual needs.

Dream Catchers
I hand make dream catchers of various sizes and colours

Smudge Kits
Sage, smudging feather, ceramic dish

Spell kits
Prepared ingredients in spell bottle designed with a specific intention, along with the instructions. (available at Serendipities Boutique in Port Colborne, and on Etsy CatchaDreamByAmie or by request)


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