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Bradley Rowley
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Bradley Rowley, Ascendant Bits Creative Digital
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Tech Whisperer, Writer, Blogger, Photographer, WordPress Guru
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What Brought Me To This Work?

From a young age I always felt like I was different, the outside observer. A loner, I found solace in reading, learning about science and technology. In 1982 I got my first exposure to computers, and it would set my life’s direction for almost 30 years.

I was blessed with a career using information technology (IT) to support and promote art, sport and recreation, history, and tourism. But over time, my career went to places I didn’t want it to. I enjoyed the work less and less, and eventually, this took its toll on my mental and physical health. In 2013, after a health scare and time away from work, I discovered meditation and mindfulness. I found a new peace and enjoyment in life, but work eventually lost its lustre again and I once more found my health suffering. In 2019 I left my job and moved to Ontario to be with family and loved ones, and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Like many during the extended pandemic lockdown, I had lots of time to think and reflect. I was struggling to find purpose and searching for a life coach.  That’s when I found Spiritual Niagara… and a community.

Through Spiritual Niagara, I met my tribe.  With my life coach’s help, I finally understood I was highly sensitive and empathic (and I could protect that aspect of me).  “Different” was ok; it was helping to create my purpose all this time. Listening to my intuition and learning to trust the messages I received, I created Ascendant Bits Creative Digital to help others connect and communicate online.

What Services Do I Offer?

Tech Whisperer for Spiritual Canada
I support the information technology needs of the Spiritual Canada team as well as help keep running well behind the scenes and help design and integrate new services.

Ascendant Bits Creative Digital – A Spiritual Canada Partner
I also offer affordable and professional information technology services to spiritual and holistic service providers as well as other small businesses. Need a new website or want to fix up your current one?  Whether you need a little help or a lot, head over to to see how I can help you focus more energy on doing your business instead of running your website.  All Spiritual Canada Members get 10% off services.

What philosophy do I live by?

“The obstacle is the path”, and “No mud, no lotus” – There is learning to be had in obstacles and struggle.
“The moon only appears when the water is still”, and “You can’t pour from an empty cup” – Mindfulness and stillness aren’t negotiable… they are part of a healthy practice.

The Four Agreements are a powerful set of ideals that can help you overcome society’s domestication that leads us away from being our true authentic selves.

  • Be impeccable with your word
  • Don’t take anything personally
  • Don’t make assumptions
  • Always do your best
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