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Charmaine Grace
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Charmaine Grace, Your Next Step to Possibility
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What Brought Me To This Work?

Since 1980, I’ve been stepping into a variety of possibilities. My first step was out of a 10 year marriage that I should have left years earlier. I stayed because I didn’t know what else I could do. Leaving meant stepping into a big, black, terrifying… nothing with my children. I didn’t know what I would do, or how we would survive. I only knew it was time to leave. Surprise! Within a month we were so much better off. Over the next several years I stepped into many different possibilities: A job as a winery tour guide increased my self confidence and I discovered my love of speaking to groups. Stepping into Toastmasters taught me the value of giving and taking encouraging evaluations and that I had leadership skills. That led to stepping into creating workshops and the first one was about talking back to the fears that stop us. When participants told me that the workshop had changed their life, I knew I had to speak more and help more. That’s what started my speaking career. I offered presentation skills coaching to people who had speeches to deliver. It is awesome when a client calls you at 10 in the evening because their presentation to 300 people went so well. Presentation skills coaching morphed into life coaching. I stepped into volunteering with the Canadian Cancer Society. That led to speaking to groups about healthy lifestyles, which led to training other volunteers for the society, which lead to television and radio spots, a seat on Unit Council and advocacy for things like Smoke Free Niagara. I also stepped into volunteering for the Niagara Falls Royal Canadian Artillery Cadet Corps and was enlisted into the Armed Forces as a Cadet Instructor. Working and volunteering with people showed me how much I love helping people and re-igniting their sparks of hope. Fanning this hope leads them to believe in themselves empowering them to step into their possibilities. I love it so much, I certified as a Passion Test® Facilitator to help people recognize and live their passions. I trained as a Law of Attraction Certified Coach to learn the ins and outs of coaching. I continue to study and enhance my skills. Today I help women who are feeling stuck, disillusioned, and looking for more in their life to Discover what they really want, by re-igniting their hope and belief in themselves empowering them to get unstuck, begin to dream again and step into their possibility of filling their lives with passion and purpose.

What Services Do I Offer?

I use the Law of Attraction, the Passion Test, Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, and other modalities to Take Their Next Steps. I do this with

Individual and Small Group Coaching to….
Get you clear on what you want, why you want it and how you want to feel
Get you unstuck and stepping into your possibility dreams
Step into your possibilities

Presentation Skills Coaching to help you to….
Speak with confidence
Present you and your business with power
Sell your services and products

Speaker Facilitator
Keynotes and Workshops that empower people to:
– Take Your Next Step
– Live Your Purpose
– Embracing Change
– Humour Works
– Speaking with Confidence
– SelfCare and Stress Reduction

What philosophy do I live by?

Life is what we make it. It is either a daring adventure (Helen Keller), or it is a struggle to be endured. We get to choose. I’ve tried it both ways and I find I am happiest when I look for the possibilities and adventures.

I believe I am here to help women who feel stuck, and disillusioned and are looking for more in their lives to discover what they truly want. I am here to re-ignite the sparks of hope that lead them to believe in themselves so they can get unstuck; dare to dream again, and take their next steps into the possibilities of living their lives with purpose and Passion.

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