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Kathy Upper
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Kathy Upper, Spiritual Niagara
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Founder & Chief Visionary of Spiritual Niagara
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What Brought Me To This Work?

Kathy Upper is the Chief Visionary and Owner of Spiritual Niagara, the precursor to Spiritual Canada!

I was inspired to create Spiritual Niagara through a powerful message in a dream. The message told me that I had to connect people to the wonderful spiritual services that the Niagara Region had to offer. There was this powerful urgency to the message, as if saying, “There are so many people that NEED to find these connections, help them.”

It was the first time that I’d ever received a message like that, the power and urgency behind it was almost overwhelming. At the time I had been looking for spiritual services myself, and though I was able to make some connections, it was far too difficult to simply find the information or services that I was looking for. It felt a little tragic to me that these excellent service providers were missing out on so many opportunities to connect with a customer base; they needed an easier way for people to connect to them.

In my former life I worked as an Employment Consultant with Niagara College for 27 years. A big part of that work was the creation of workshops for my clients, and bringing together people that were looking for work with an employer that suited their needs. It was a great experience and I use those skills every day in my work with Spiritual Niagara. I’m a passionate learner for all things spiritual and holistic, and it’s one of the greatest driving forces behind everything I do.

The idea first came to me in early 2009, and while I had always considered myself computer savvy, I knew very little about web development. I didn’t let this slow me down though, I took some courses and did a lot of research and only a few months later (June 2009) the first iteration of Spiritual Niagara was created.

It’s been over ten years since I initially launched the site, and in those ten years I’m delighted to say that we’ve grown substantially. Spiritual Niagara has taken on a team of amazing people with a wide variety of talents, and things are looking brighter for the future of Spiritual Niagara with every passing day!

What Services Do I Offer?

Spiritual Niagara is a directory website, listing and advertising the spiritual and holistic services located within the Niagara region. Spiritual Niagara includes a large host of marketing and networking services:
• Online Event Calendar
• Weekly Event Emails
• Monthly eMagazine
• Facebook Community Group
• Events for Members to Sell Goods/Services
• Business Workshops
• Fundraising for Local Non-Profits
To gain access to these services and much more, members of Spiritual Niagara pay $150/year, ($60/year for non-profits.) After signing up as a member, businesses will work directly with our team to develop their profile and will be sent a package on how to best take advantage of their membership. Spiritual Niagara has an amazing team of experienced professionals who are more than prepared to deal with any questions or requests you might have.

In its 13 years of serving the community Spiritual Niagara has held fundraisers for: The Soup Kitchen, Project Share, The Out of the Cold Program and The Breakfast Outreach program. Spiritual Niagara is always looking for new opportunities to give back to the community and help Niagara’s non-profit organizations.

If you’re a holistic/spiritual service provider or store and you’re interested in learning more about membership, or want to apply, be sure to visit the “Join Us” page at http://spiritualniagara.ca/join-us/

Thanks so much for reading and visiting Spiritual Niagara! I wish you all the best on your journey to find your best self.

What philosophy do I live by?

Allow your inner wisdom to be your voice.
You are not your thoughts. You are not your experiences. You are so much more.

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