Kim Lee, The Papillon Studio

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Kim Lee
Business Name
Kim Lee, The Papillon Studio
My Calling
Empowerment Coach, Seamstress
What Brought Me To This Work?

A desire to share my holistic toolbox with others who wish to build their own confidence and reach their own dreams and goals. As a single working mom my life had been riddled with abuse, addiction, and co-dependency, low self – esteem, low paying jobs due to lack of education, being told I was dumb, stupid, all challenges that caused my life to be unfulfilling, inferior, but nothing had prepared me for the debilitating condition that put me to my knees! Anxiety taught me a whole new meaning to self-care. After many attempts by doctors to put me on medications that my body would just not tolerate, and to what I believed was a bandage rather than a long term solution, I began my journey to holistic healing and although this process was multi factored, and tedious, it now allows me to triumphantly be in the driver’s seat of my life! Through this condition I first learned how to reverse Fight or Flight syndrome and what that meant. I was not breathing naturally. I did not know that was possible, but guess what it is! I am so excited to share this and other methods, teachings, and skills, as you too can find that wonderful, uplifting, freeing, disentanglement from the grip of darkness, that total loss of confidence and control our own body and mind can create. You have the ability to reach for the stars, believe me! Anything is possible with the right mindset and tools. Once I became an empty nester, again a new chapter in my life, I was inspired to challenge my old beliefs and I knocked their socks off at college graduating at 50 years of age. From there, in a matter of 6 years, I have increased my income by 25 %, and have restructured two, and totally structured from the bottom up, one, multi-million-dollar business’. Now I’m answering to where my heart and passion has called me to in reaching out to others who are lost, unsure, afraid. Together we give power to your strengths and abilities and teach you to facilitate life altering metamorphosis that will power you forward to flourishing in the achievements that you have chosen.

What Services Do I Offer?

Empowerment Coaching, One on One Coaching, Online Life Coaching

One on One Coaching
I work with clients either by phone or on-line via zoom to uncover their goals and desires, by
supporting, guiding, and providing them with the tools that they can use to live a fulfilling,
happy life.

My Pricing

Reach for the Stars = $1,320
This is a six- month, 60-minute, total of 24 sessions, is a package for those who wish to delve
deep and diligently work on their life transformation. This holistic journey will allow you to
search out your passion and places you in the driver’s seat of self -discovery and life altering
Mainstream = $780
This is a three-month, 60-minute, total of 12 sessions where I guide you in bringing your
awareness to discovering your strengths and abilities and building your confidence and spirit
towards brilliant transformation in your life. Imagine your beautiful life beyond newly unlocked
Grass Roots = $300
Is an economical four -week, 60-minute, total of 4 sessions taking a look at your objective and
setting you in motion towards success. I will support you in becoming fearless in your actions
while you to learn to fly!!

Initial 45 minute consultation is free

What philosophy do I live by?

Our mind does not always tell us the truth. Becoming mindful allows one to discover our truth, our souls meaning which will empower and creating the confidence to design the future we desire.
Our mind and thoughts are truly powerful! We have a choice as to what we wish to believe as
true and not true. All of our thoughts are not true! When we become quiet and mindful is when
we can truly utilize our thoughts to empower us to do anything our hearts desire. It’s our souls

Qualifications & Certifications

Professional Social Service Worker
Reiki Level II
Tia Chi
Empathic yoga
Essential Oils
Hayhouse Coach Camp with Robert Holden
Mindfulness Stress Reduction
ASSIT Certificate


I know many who are in this community.

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