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Laura Canal
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Laura Canal, Miles of Smiles Alternative Solutions
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Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Spiritual Healer, Crystal Healing, Astro-numerologist, Psychic Medium
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What Brought Me To This Work?

The earliest childhood memory I have, I was sitting on my bed, looking out the window up at the sky, the stars were so bright and I asked; why am I here? What is my purpose? The answer was; Dear Child, “You are on a great quest!”

For many years I felt different, separate from others, never fitting in or feeling like I belonged on earth, and I struggled with addiction. Much of the time I felt that my emotions fluctuating, eventually realizing that I am empathic, and absorb other people’s energies; like it’s my own. Navigating all these energies sometimes left me depleted, scattered and emotional. When I realized the importance of grounding, releasing and protecting my energies was a pivotal; life began to open up in mystical, magical ways. The light began to shine from my body and my dreams became a reality. I always wanted to open my own business and it was like I had a guardian angel holding my hand and leading me on a path of unlimited possibilities.

Throughout my life I was intrigued with human behaviour and the effects on the physical body. My formal education was in the medical field, but I never followed that path because I had a different perspective on what healing was. Lessons in life have given me many experiences; I have been in situations interacting with doctors for my family members several times, and every time it led us to visits with a Neurologist – with little success and understanding. I find that western medicine deals with the symptoms, specific to a particular system, and not the body as a whole or to the root of the condition. The lessons that these experiences taught me have led me to research alternative holistic healing therapies. I believe that treating the body as one whole system and balancing our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies is imperative.

While I was in College studying Medical Record Technician with the goal of continuing my education to become a Surgical Nurse, a life-altering event happened. This event was so traumatic to me that I lost my way for a while, I was drifting. I always knew that I wanted to help individuals in the area of health and wellness, never understood the capacity of my greatest potential and my life’s purpose until years later. I graduated and never went into the medical field because I didn’t trust doctors.

The event that left me drifting was my “Mother passed away”, 1985. Recalling this event gives me a great understanding of my life’s purpose. I didn’t realize it at the time, I thought it was normal during the grieving process, but it continued for years. From the time my Mother passed away and even still today, I can connect with those in Spirit. I truly never thought of myself as a medium and I had never gone to a psychic or medium until 2012. I talked to my Mother every day when I had questions she would drop the answers in my head. It helped me come to grips with her death.

In 2002, I found myself focused on the importance of my feet. Working in an industry where I was constantly on my feet, I noticed how the high and low energies correlated to the way my feet felt! What did this all mean? The electrical connection of our feet and hands to earth energies and the world around us, have a great effect on our performance in our daily routine. It is important to pay attention to our feet and hands; they are the miracle parts of our body. Our hands and feet house tens of 1000’s of nerve endings. The feet and hands are designed to give us feedback from the brain in milliseconds.

I am a Reflexologist and Reiki Master. With a passion for people and a thirst for knowledge, I continually educate myself to find ways to teach individuals how to honor and respect themselves and in turn, this will assist them to create a way to balance their physical body, so they are able to enjoy peace and serenity.

I have been creatively combining traditional sessions for an ultimate unique experience. Many people have been inspired by my teachings, Under the Oak Tree. My quest in this life is to serve humanity and get to the root of each individuals journey to unlock their “Limitless Potential”. My experience in the service industry and education in the medical field has given me a unique ability to relate to clients needs and share my wisdom to help them evolve.

What Services Do I Offer?

As mentioned above, I have been creatively combining traditional sessions for an ultimate unique experience. List below are the traditional treatments that I offer. It’s best to check out my website and the list of sessions that are offered.

I offer Hand and Foot Reflexology Sessions. Reflexology is a focused compression technique on the reflexes of the feet or hands, each reflex connects to all parts, glands and organs of the body. When the reflexes are compressed the body’s natural electrical energy works along the nervous system to clear any blockages which interferes with the body’s electrical energy. This activates a parasympathetic response allowing the blockages to be released by a physiological change in the body.

Main objective of reflexology is to remove stress & tension, enhancing circulation, and regular metabolism, these are the top 3 benefits.

Energy Healing
I have studied Energy Healing Therapies with many teachers and many different types: Reiki Master, Healing Mastery (Certified to serve at Lilydale NY – Healing Temple – Spiritual Healing), First 7 parts on Integrated Energy Therapy. The variety encompasses life force, spiritual healing and energy healing through angel’s.

Ohm Tuning Forks
Octave Tuning Forks, has a beautiful and healing musical interval, connecting us with the Earth, and furthering our understanding of the Ohm. The set that will be used in this session consists of the Mid-Ohm (136.1 hz), and the Low-Ohm (68.05 hz) Tuning Forks. When these two different tones (or tuning forks) are sounded together, they create the beautiful and healing musical interval of an Ohm Octave which is calming and grounding.

Chakra Tuning Forks
The set of tuning forks consists of 7 and each resonant to a specific frequency, which correlates to the vibration of the energy center. This non-invasive therapy works with the energy of the aura directed to each specific chakra/energy center to remove or eliminate any pockets of energy that do not serve and restore a balanced state.

Under the Oak Tree Meditations
Seasonal for the past 9 years from May to the end of October, you can experience an evening, Under the Oak Tree. This is an evening of relaxation and a variety of different meditations while sitting around a cozy fire, under the canopy of the Majestic Oak Tree.

I offer numerology readings and astrology readings! The teaching that I am currently doing is the Moon Phase Cycles, this begins in January and runs as monthly support calls throughout the year. If you are interested in joining next year contact me!

What philosophy do I live by?
The philosophy that I live by is Authenticity!! Living in my own Truth! My feet planted firmly on the ground, centered in my heart and emanating *Love* to All. Love is the most potent healing energy. I am here to communicate that everyone deserves to feel loved and belong on earth. My mission and service to humanity are to teach individuals to honor and respect themselves, reach for limitless possibilities, and achieve that Ultimate Potential.
Qualifications & Certifications

Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Aqualead Master, Spiritual Healer (Healing Mastery at Lilydale), Integrated Energy Therapy (Level 1), Astrologist, Numerologist, Intuitive, Psychic


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