Liane Kinsman, The Essence

liane kinsman
Liane Kinsman
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Liane Kinsman, The Essence
My Calling
Professional Deep Trance Channel, Professional Astrologer, Psychic Medium,Certified Hypnotherapist, Esoteric Facilitator and Host of a Meditation Circle
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What Brought Me To This Work?

Beginning life as an empathic child lead me upon this journey, I naturally acquired an innate desire to delve into the unknown seeking knowledge through books, and numerous metaphysical teachers. Attending every course and seminar that became available acted as a stimulus to probe even further, knowing that possibilities are boundless. As a student of the Esoteric Arts for more than thirty two years, it’s my time to share this acquired knowledge with all those that desire to learn.

What Services Do I Offer?

Professional Deep Trance Channel
“I Channel a conglomerate of energies referred to as “The Essence” Who is the Essence? “A resonating vibratory frequency of spiritual essence, the heightened consciousness. That is what it is. We reside on what you may refer to as a plane of dimension not equivalent to the dimension you presently reside in. We vibrate at a higher level and are not incased in solidity. We are pure vibration, pure heightened consciousness, however, ever evolving. We are not of material you presently inhabit. We are lighter than thee.”

Professional Astrologer
As a student of Astrology for twenty years, I analyze Birth Charts. forecasting events through the progression and transit of planets. Also, by Solar Return, bringing the sun back to it’s natal position focuses on the year ahead. Composite and Synastry Charts, help to evaluate your relationship with another person, how their energy relates to you, and how you operate as a unit.

Certified Hypnotherapist
As a Certified Hypnotherapist, under the Canadian Professional Board of Hypnotherapy, I work with clients through therapy to help to enhance their life using neuro-linguistics.

Psychic Medium
Assisting clients by connecting to those that have crossed over to the astral plane through the use of clairsentience, clairvoyance ,and clairaudience.

Esoteric Facilitator
I teach various metaphysical modalities to heighten ones sensory perception.

Meditation Circle Host
To bring awareness to Mind, Body & Spirit.

Available for Corporate Events
The services that I provide help to awaken ones innate potentials. By assisting clients to perpetuate a heighten sense of being, gravitating toward a vibration in love.
As a worker in love, light and a deep sense of compassion, my greatest pleasure lies in using my gifts to help those who come to me for guidance.

What philosophy do I live by?

Walk the path that follows the rhythm of your own heart beating, feel every moment as it enriches your soul. Know that there is only growth before us, savor each moment as if it were your last.

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