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Lisa Ellis
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Lisa Ellis, Boost Your Health
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Hatha Yoga Teacher, trained in India with various Yoga masters, Reiki Master/Teacher/ Energy Healer, Psychic Medium, Life Skills Coach, Certified NGH Hypnotherapist
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What Brought Me To This Work?

My father was a healer and for some reason my whole life I’ve been curious and drawn to spiritual healing in many different aspects. It seems to come to me freely. I am very passionate about helping people make a positive changes in their lives. It gives me great pleasure to see my clients lighten up or blossom right in front of my eyes. I get such rewards when I hear how grateful my clients are or how their lives have changed in such a positive way. “I LET GO.. I LET GOD.”

What Services Do I Offer?

Boost Your Health
Lisa offers Hatha yoga (one on one or group classes, at your location or at her Yoga Studio in Lowbanks). She also offers the following services : . Hatha yoga, meditation, ear candling, energy healing such as, Reiki Treatments, Black Pearl Treatment, IT WORKS, CCMBA (Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment), Chakra balancing and Cleansing with her special tuning forks and Soul Retrieval, Quantrum Touch. Lisa also offers various art classes and motivational workshops: Self Esteem, Letting go what no longer serves you, Forgiveness, Dress for success and so much more. I am also happy to announce my new book “what is stopping me from being happy?” will be released July 2021

Lisa also sells many holistic and therapeutic items including personalized meditation and hypnosis CD’s to assist you reach your personal goals. Lisa is also an artist, she has many one of a kind pottery works and paintings. See our website for further product listings.
Lisa also facilitates various bilingual trainings:
Hands On Art Classes
Pottery classes Ongoing (5 week)
Stained Glass Workshop
Build your own Resin Pyramid
Essential Oils Aromatherapy Wellness Workshop
Build your own Drum with Dear Skin
Custom Made Smudging Wand Workshop & Smudging Teachings
And much more as we always have new ongoing workshops!
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Certified Hatha Teacher
Lisa’s yoga classes are unique and cover all the essential elements to being balanced and fit. Her classes are one full hour and 1/2 in duration. Package includes: Pranayama (breathing techniques), Eye Yoga, Meditation and Chanting. Each class has a different theme and focuses on a specific body benefits. Lisa balances her instruction from various Yoga masters who she trained with in India.

Reiki Master/Teaching
Channelling positive energy. Quality of Relaxation. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing, “Life force energy”. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement. It is enjoyed by millions worldwide. Lisa offers Level 1-2-3 Reiki Master certification.

Munay-ki (9 Rites) Teachings
A path of healing and growth through Munay-Ki. Experience energy shift ~ Connect to your higher power ~ 2 weekend sessions you will receive 9 Munay-Ki rites and learn to gift the rites to others. Too many benefits to mention,. For more information, go to:

Benefits of the 9 Munay-Ki Rites:
Become more of who you truly are: your soul-self, higher self
Your “life purpose” becomes clear
Ki transform and upgrade your luminous energy field
Energy shift which heal the wounds of the past – your karmic
You will become more present (in the now)
Activating perpetual protection
Accessing greater soul creativity
A shift in consciousness
Stronger Intuition
Activating healing abilities
Balancing the 4 elements within self
Slows down Ageing process
Balancing your inner feminine and masculine
More in tuned with the Archangels and so much more

Ear Candling
Experience a relaxing session of ear candling. This technique has been proven to enhance your sense of taste and smell, assist with allergies, asthma, sinus and bronchial problems, dizziness, ringing in the ears, pressure headaches, migraines, and neck pains, jaw stress and teeth grinding and so much more.

Ancient Black Pearl Technique
A delightful energy healing, it releases deep-seated traumas and stress from the amygdala. The Ancient Chinese Black Pearl Technique works on your nervous, parasympathetic (which is one of the three main divisions of the autonomic nervous system). Parasympathetic system is responsible for stimulation of rest-and-digest activities that occur when the body is at rest. This may include sexual arousal, salivation, lacrimation (tears), urination, digestion, defecation and neurovascular systems as well as amygdala.

(Amygdala is an almond-shape set of neurons located deep in the brain’s medial temporal lobe, shown to play a key role in the processing of emotions). Conditions such as anxiety, autism, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and phobias are suspected of being linked to abnormal functioning of the amygdala. A delightful combination of meridian clearing and energy healing it releases deep-seated traumas and stress from these systems. When these systems are stress free, the amygdala shrinks and becomes like a black pearl, hence the name. The Black Pearl Technique works on all your systems and promotes complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

A safe, effective, and rapid way to bring about change and improve wellness. Let me help you achieve your goals: Weight Management, Hot Flashes Management, Smoke Cessation, Sports Enhancement, Fears and Anxiety, Sleep Disorder, Self Esteem, Healthy Lifestyle Motivation, and a personalized CD to help you continue on your positive journey to success. Power of YOUR Mind And much, much more!
Psychic Medium & Life Coach
Tarot Card Reading by Lisa
Looking for answers in your life?
Confused with your next step?
Lisa can assist you with guidance and clarity
Specializing in Chakra Tarot Reading & Balancing

Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment (CCMBA)
Researchers have claimed CCMBA to be one of the most powerful, “Hands on Healing Techniques”. It is important to release (let go) of things we experience in our lives. We do not need to hang onto old feelings and emotions. We should experience them, learn, grow, move on. Dwelling on things can cause our energy to get stuck; causing dis-ease. In time we have pains illnesses and our dis-ease may turn into disease.
The CCMBA works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It targets the issues no matter how deep seeded they may be. All you need is to be there.

Custom Made Smudging Wand Workshop & Smudging Teachings
Join us and discover the importance of Smudging and build our own Smudge Wand with various Dear and Moose skins and so much more. Learn how to design and assemble your own feather fan that can be used for smudging or decoration. Participants will receive teachings on smudging as part of this workshop.

Drum Building Workshop ~ BUILD YOUR OWN DRUM “an experience you will never forget”
Connect with Mother Nature ~ Come out and experience our special drum making workshop. This is a 2 day event…and an experience you will not forget. Drums have been used for thousands of years and by many cultures. The drum beat and sounds of the heartbeat and the rhythm of the heartbeat of Mother Earth. When the full process is completed you keep the heartbeat alive by beating your drum. Join us in a sacred circle ‘Sacred Drum’ from start to finish.

What philosophy do I live by?
I believe in the Law of Attraction, I truly believe in the power of positive thinking. I also believe we have the power to do anything we put our minds to, because we control our thoughts, our thoughts don’t control us! I believe everyone should discover their passions and live them to the fullest! As Mother Teresa once said “Do little things with great love”.
Qualifications & Certifications

Reiki Master, Hatha Yoga , Black Pearl , Hypnosis, Life Coach, Quantum Touch, CCMBA, IT WORKS


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