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Maura Bommer, Niagara IMT
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Certified Integrative Manual Therapist (CIMT)
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What Brought Me To This Work?

Originally, I worked as an aerobic instructor/personal trainer/ Pilates specialist, focusing on rehabilitation and therapeutic exercises. In 2008, after meeting Dr. Sharron Weisellfish-Giammatteo & Dr. Tom Giammatteo, I began my training in Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT). Dr. Sharron began the development of IMT using energy medicine, osteopathy & physical therapy. Dr. Tom joined later bringing nutrition, homeopathy, chiropractic & Chinese medicine to the body of work Dr. Sharron had started in the 1960s. Together, they presented a philosophy to healing I had never seen before. It was/is truly life changing!

After 4 years of academic intensive schooling, I became a Certified Integrative Manual Therapist, graduating from the Connecticut School of Integrative Manual Therapy in Hartford, CT and I’m the only IMT therapist in Niagara and the GTA. I now hold diplomas/certificates in a wide range of healing protocols, designed to help people with any type of ailment.

What Services Do I Offer?

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT)
IMT is a hands on healing practice, which is very gentle yet yields profound results in returning the body to optimal health. Using a wide range of diagnostic and treatment technologies, IMT practitioners identify and address underlying causes of pain and disfunction using a unique science and holistic approach to healing. People remain fully clothed while gentle pressures are applied in specific areas, connecting, opening lines of communication and releasing blockages.
IMT helps to relieve all types of pain, disability & dysfunction whether it be on a physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual level.
Some of the techniques used in IMT are:
– Cranial Sacral Therapy, helping to realign the spine
– Myofascial Release, for soft tissue
-Lymphatic Drainage Techniques for reduction in swelling and edema
-Advanced Biomechanics for functional pain relief from back, neck and the extremities as well as headaches and other discomfort
-Neural Tissue Relief Therapy, addressing stroke, concussion, TBI, migraines, sleep disorders & neurological diseases
-Spectrum Disorder & Pediatrics; recovery from autism, downs syndrome, seizure disorders
-Animal & Pet Care, allowing homeowners to help relieve pain symptoms in pets
-Allergy & Auto Immune Response, including muscle testing for self care
-Cardiac Rehabilitation and Lung Management addressing heart, lung, circulatory issues and oxidative stress
-GI and Digestive Tract repair with nutritional guidance
-Endocrine and Hormone Rebalancing

Pilates Trainer and Rehabilitative Exercise Design
Movement and exercise is also be a powerful tool to promote healing on all levels by increasing strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility. Working with a client’s individual level and personal goals, an appropriate movement program will help to restore balance and help one to feel better and move better.

Nutritional Counselling
Working hand in hand with IMT and exercise, proper nutrition will achieve a healthier lifestyle, making pain, disfunction and disease virtually obsolete!

I continually educate and guide clients through the process of working on their own, inspiring them to take part in the healing process and start to treat themselves and their loved ones.

What philosophy do I live by?

We are capable of the impossible.
We all have more power in ourselves than we realize, including the superpower to heal ourselves.
You are a Superstar and
Your Time Is Now!

Qualifications & Certifications

Niagara’s Only Certified Integrative Manual Therapist
Personal Trainer
Pilates Trainer
Rehab and Therapeutic Pilates Instructor

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