Pat Oberlein, Pat’s Psychic Tarot Readings

Pat Oberlein
Pat Oberlein
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Pat Oberlein, Pat’s Psychic Tarot Readings
My Calling
Tarot Master, Psychic Intuitive, Tarot classes, Online Readings, Spirits Removed
What Brought Me To This Work?

I come from a family where being psychic is the norm. I found myself very open to messages, and would give them freely to people (whether they wanted them or not)! To get a better control of the messages coming through, I turned to the Tarot. I have realized I’ve been doing shadow work all this time. I believe they are meant for more than fortunetelling. But fortune telling is part of it, considering choices you decide to take. The cards help me to define what I am seeing and feeling and channel the messages when people ask for readings. I am not active on social media but you are welcome to contact me.

What Services Do I Offer?

Tarot Card Readings
I have been reading Tarot for 48 years and have a collection of 165 Tarot decks. A one-hour reading is a good way to plan your future and allow you to ask many questions. Private sessions or parties available. if we are doing this by phone, I encourage you to have your own tarot deck. it will be much more accurate if you shuffle and I tell you which cards we’re going to use. It makes the whole experience much more enjoyable for you. I will work on zoom or the messenger app. The phone is fine too. I also use lenormand cards. I also use I Ching and pendulum. Just ask. I have a few oracle decks as well.

Teaching Tarot
Classes of 4-5 or private. Available upon request.

Astrology Charts
Your natal chart and a twenty-five page interpretation of your planets and houses. As well as compatibility charts and comparison

House and Business Clearings
I use special incense, resins and oils to clear your home of negative energies and/or unwanted spirit visitors.

Psychological Counselling 
I will help you to better understand yourself for personal development, to overcome your problems and increase your happiness and well-being – how to be a better you. I have completed nine psychology courses. I don’t choose to practice that outside of the cards. Due to the fact, I do shadow work and with my particular talent I can cut through a lot Emotional and trauma stuff that would take a couple of years within a couple of readings. The cards will display whatever is in your mind and subconscious. It’s not always what you’ve asked. we can still get those answers but the reading takes about an hour so you should have time to ask what you want to know.

What philosophy do I live by?

I have always had a very open mind. I use it to help people understand themselves and the world around them. I give honest readings. No fairy tales!

420 friendly.

Qualifications & Certifications

I have nine psychology certificates, but prefer to use the cards. I’ve decided not to practice that because I can do much better with readings

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