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Psychic Medium Jay Lane
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What Brought Me To This Work?

Born and raised in the city of Sudbury, Ontario, known as the nickel capital of the world, my upbringing was influenced by my father’s occupation as a miner and his ownership of a driving school.

My mother, who practiced tea leaf readings and clairvoyance, ran her Psychic practice from 1961 to 1983, until the passing of my father due to a prolonged illness. According to my mother, I possessed innate abilities from birth. Still, it wasn’t until a near-death incident at the age of four that I discovered my clairaudience – the capacity to hear spirits’ voices.

Although I drowned as a child, I was revived, with my mother believing it was because my purpose on earth was not yet fulfilled. Since that pivotal moment, my heightened sensitivities have enabled me to deeply connect with the emotions of others – feeling their pain and joy as if it were my own.

Guided by a sense of duty, my life’s mission is to utilize these abilities to assist individuals in need, drawing from my personal experiences and learnings to inspire and uplift them.

Transitioning from roles in Professional Standards within law enforcement and Victim Support for the Crown, I eventually left the government to pursue my passion as a Psychic Medium.

In addition to my Psychic/Mediumship practice, I am a co-founder of The Psychic Associates, a collective of skilled mentors and coaches, dedicated to guiding gifted individuals in recognizing and nurturing their unique talents, supporting them on their spiritual paths through specialized courses.

What philosophy do I live by?

My philosophy is to live life to the fullest by conquering the fear of death.  Many individuals have fears, but for numerous people, the fear of death hinders them from living their intended life.

My goal is to provide clarity on the concept of death, what transpires after passing, and how this knowledge can alleviate these fears. Death is a topic many are curious about, yet discussing it is often limited to situations involving terminal illness or funeral arrangements.

Some individuals avoid the subject altogether, but this avoidance only fuels and intensifies their fears. Through my interactions with numerous individuals and spirits, I have learned that the remedy for the fear of death lies in open conversations.

Understanding the existence of an afterlife or alternate consciousness offers hope and a broader perspective, encouraging a forward-looking approach to life. I aim to guide individuals in transitioning from fear to embracing life, enabling them to pursue a content and tranquil existence.

Qualifications & Certifications

I have been honoured with the “Psychic” and “Medium” 2020 and 2022 “Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards, as well as the 2022 “Murielle Boucher Memorial Award” for my work as a medium in the spiritual community.

I am most recognized for my live shows, especially during my tour with the renowned James Van Praagh from California.

In addition to hosting my own events in Canada, I have been featured as a host and guest on various TV shows, including CNN Headline News, and regularly appear on SiriusXM radio.

Following the successful launch of my first book in 2019, titled “Dying to Know: My Answers on Death and The Afterlife,” I continue to delve into these captivating subjects through my writing and podcasting.

Currently, I am working on my upcoming book, “The Power of Soul Numbers,” and have recently launched a new podcast titled “Laneway to Spirit,” which is now available for listeners.

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