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Susan Winning
Susan Winning
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Susan Winning, Intuitive Readings by Sue
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Spiritual Medium, Tarot Card Reader, Teaching the Art of Stained Glass
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What Brought Me To This Work?

Growing up, I always had intuitive feelings, but didn’t know what they meant. As I grew older it was happening to me more often. It became more apparent that I needed to find an answer. I attended the two weekend trainings for mediumship at the Fellowships of Spirit in Lily Dale, New York, and the world’s largest spiritual community. From that time on, I have never looked back. I became a Reiki Master and have enjoyed reading Tarot Cards for over 20 years. I enrolled in a 2 weekend training course of Deep Trance Channeling with Cliff Preston and Liane Kinsman and acquired the entity name “Friendship” to help me connect with the universe for my clients. I have been busy fine tuning my mediumship skills doing various classes with prominent mediums in the Niagara Region and in the States. My Dad has been my constant communicator since he crossed over and with his loving communications, has taught me to listen and trust what I hear.

What Services Do I Offer?

As a medium, I am able to bring my clients healing, peace and comfort from their Angels, guides and loved ones.

As a Reiki practitioner, I am able to bring a person physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healings.

Tarot Cards
I taught Stained Glass for over 30 years and missed teaching. I now teach people how to read Tarot Cards, but on a different note, I teach intuitively, you don’t use the book. I incorporate mediumship and cytometry, which is touching an object and getting a feeling. It is fun, which is the way I like to teach. When you learn the fun way you retain more information. We will also learn to use other decks and read for the other students. When class is done, I bring in friends and you graduate by reading them. You can bring your Angel and Oracle cards and we will dabble with them too.

Divining Rods
I also sell my handmade Divining Rods that are made out of 100% electrified copper wire. They have actually had 120 volt electricity run through them, this is why they are so sensitive to Energy or “Spirit”. A must have to help clarify your answers the cards are telling you.

Souls Sisters Psychic Fairs and Meditation Circle
Souls Sisters, Rev. Louise Michaud and Sue Winning run their annual Springfest Psychic & Wellness Expo in April and their Autumnfest in September. They are pleased to announce that, starting January 2018, they are holding a Meditation Circle on the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 7pm till 9pm at the Dunlop Community Center, 80 Dunlop Drive in St. Catharines. Lots of free parking, one level, audience participation, plus 2 chances to win a free reading during the evening. So spread the word by liking and sharing. Hope to see you and please bring a friend. Admission $10.00

What philosophy do I live by?

I truly feel it is important to live my life to the fullest. I came here to experience life and to learn different lessons as everyone else. Living my life with love, peace and happiness helps me stay positive. As an enlightened worker my passion is to be of service to others and help them heal and move forward on their spiritual journey so they can live their lives in harmony.

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