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What Brought Me To This Work?

Welcome to The Calm Zone

“I believe everyone has a Calm Zone within themselves and it is part of my journey to assist you in finding yours”

From a very early age I have always felt spiritually drawn in some way. When I was a child I did not always quite understand this. About 25 plus years ago I started to move forward towards this spiritual direction. I had an interest in both Energy and how it worked and in the Mind and Meditation. I became very interested in the amazing work of Barbara Ann Brennen, Donna Eden, Eckhart Tolle and Jon Kabbat-Zinn.

In 2001 I was introduced to a more formal type of Meditation with the Willpower Institute located in Niagara Falls, Canada with roots in Thailand. The vision of the Master Teacher Luangphor Viriyang Sirintharo  “World Peace Through Meditation” spoke to me. The theory taught here caught a deep seeded interest in me immediately. Being as I am not a “theoretical” type personality, this caught me a bit by surprise.

I was feeling the benefits of the practice as well, and was loving every minute of it. I  knew this was the direction I wanted to continue in. The vision spreads through its many Meditation Instructors Courses. I continue now as an Instructor there and feel so fortunate to have assisted in this mission teaching in here in Niagara, California & Thailand.

I am most grateful to have an number of international spiritual instructors over the years. As a child I had always wanted to be a teacher. I would line up all my dolls and stuffed animals up in front of the chalk board regularly for lessons. Now my dream was about to come a reality. My desire to share the amazing information I was so blessed to be learning was about to come true. Among many doors that were opening, I continued in developing a wide variety of wellness courses. My goal was to put them in a format that could be used in the everyday lives of those who attended.

Along with the Meditation Instructor’s Course I have completed other Certificate Courses in Accelerated Healing , Reiki , Basic Psychic Surgery, Relationships, Advanced Holistic Wellness and Spiritual Psychology, along with several workshops including Psychic Development, Palm Reading, Tarot, Spirit Guides, Astrology, Kabbalah, as well as being an ordained minister.
I am grateful to have so many amazing teachers!

I have been involved in many international retreats both as a guest and a facilitator. I continue my passion and love of travel as a certified Travel Agent.

I continue to learn, grow and expand and share my knowledge with others, through a wide variety of wellness courses, workshops. I offer public, private, corporate as well as “In Home” gatherings, where I will come facilitate any one of my inspirational & insightful workshops for you and a group of your friends or colleagues. It’s a fun way to get together! I also offer healing sessions, house cleansing, blessing ceremonies, and public speaking.

Reach out and learn to get “Your Calm On”


What Services Do I Offer?

The Calm Zone – Classes & Workshops

At The Calm Zone I offer a variety of Classes and Workshops in various public locations.                                                Corporate & Private Sessions are also available with the goal of assisting others in living a more Calm, Balanced and Peaceful life.  I am also available for Healing Sessions, Chakra Balancing, Sound Healing, Public Speaking, House Cleansing,  and Blessing Ceremonies. A fun way to get your friends or colleagues together is our “In Home” events, where you can choose a workshop and I will come facilitate in your home or I can provide space. It’s a fun and insightful way to get together!    ( 6 person minimum, most workshops run $35-$45 pp)

Sound Immersion Meditation                                                                                                                               

 Relax, Unwind and Heal with the sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls and other Healing Instruments

Discover Peace Stress Relief
Stress Management for even people with very busy lifestyles

Meditation Instruction
Learn to quiet and strengthen the mind

Tune Into Spirit                                                                                                                                                         

 Unlock the door to deeper connection with Spirit

Good Vibrations
Raise your Vibrational frequency and learn how to work with it

Abundant Living
Everyone is welcome to Abundance in every area of your life, enhance yours

11 Pathways To Peace Workshop
Easy steps to a peaceful life

Chakra Painting Workshop                                                                                                                                       

Inner Goddess Painting 

Tree Of Life Painting                                                                                                                                                          

Enjoy and lesson, guided meditation and everyone goes home with their inspirational healing painting.

Manifestation Journal Workshop                                                                                                                     

Discover how to create the life you truly desire

Chakra Necklace Workshop                                                                                                                                 

  Learn about the Chakra System and create your own Chakra Necklace to balance your energies!

Dragonfly Suncatcher – Transformational Workshop                                                                                  Discover New Beginnings and create your beautiful suncatcher to take home!

Awaken your inner self, let go of unwanted belief systems, be true to your authentic self

Magnificent Manifestation
Learn the lessons beyond the Law of Attraction to Manifestation


Follow us or reach out at:

Facebook : The Calm Zone

Instagram : #thecalmzone111

Email : thecalmzone111@hotmail.com


What philosophy do I live by?

Life is good!

Living in “The Calm Zone” is not as challenging as people seem to think.

Once you get the inside right the outside will come into balance.

Learn and utilize the tools, anyone can do it!

Qualifications & Certifications

 Certification & Qualification Courses:

Travel Agent

Ordained Minister

Meditation Instructor’s Course

Accelerated Healing


Basic Psychic Surgery


Advanced Holistic Wellness

Spiritual Psychology

Psychic Development

Palm Reading


Spirit Guides




Willpower Institute

Light of Truth

Order of Melchizedek

Spiritual Niagara

Spiritual Canada

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