Are Psychics Real?

The bottom line is until you sit for a reading with one of us you will not know whether we are worth our fee. Here are some tips you can use to help you weed out the good ones from the not so good ones

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I just happened to attend a family wedding overseas in summer and I reconnected with an uncle who I had not seen in close to 40 years. (He had left the family after a nasty divorce). The thing about this uncle is that he is a retired detective in the United Kingdom and he has had his fair share of unsettling cases. When he found out what I do for a living as a full-time Psychic Medium, he was genuinely interested in what, and how I do what I do. As a working officer he said that they had many times employed the help of psychics on their cases. However, they could never use psychics in court cases because it was not admissible yet the evidence provided was obviously accurate and timely.

Despite what he had seen on his job, he went on to say the big challenge he had with what “we” as psychics do, is that he would just like to see it for himself. I said do you mean seeing a ghost or a dead person? And yeah, that was where he took this. Lucky for him I just happened to have a picture a dear friend’s daughter took of her mom’s spirit shortly after she had passed away and could feel her presence in the room. This way I could give him an idea of how I see dead people. It was then that I realized that this is what we all really want from psychics, “proof”! Proof that this is actually real, and that people like myself and others in my industry can actually predict the future, and/or know things in real time that we could not possibly know by any other means. Or, the ultimate party trick, “speak to someone who is no longer able to speak for themselves” as in connecting with spirit.

The funny thing is, I suppose because I have been doing this for over 30 years, I never really think about the work I do as amazing or unreal because I just trust it so intimately. It does not seem that overly interesting to me anymore. I see it like you would see the work you do on a “day-to-day” basis. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I love to hate it! The truth is, it is more of a calling than it is a job. I feel compelled to do it even though there are times when I have wanted to quit and go back to an easy life of a nine-to-five job. Trust me there have been many like me who have done just that. Hang up their robes and pack away their crystal balls (for the record we don’t wear robes, or use crystal balls anymore – that was always just for effect). We all strive for a work/life balance with less complication. Doing what I do comes with its emotional pitfalls but no other industry in the world is more criticized than being a psychic medium. It is like people expect us to perform all the time for them. You cannot go to an event without someone asking you to connect with their loved one or asking if you see anything coming up for them. But I want you to consider for one moment every time you announce your profession to someone, just imagine they expect you to prove that you are what you say. Not so cool right? But I get it, It comes with the territory.

So, let’s say you’re an electrician. People will want you to prove you’re an electrician by rewiring something for them. Just imagine that every time you announce that is what you do you get asked to show them how you do it. Trust me it gets exhausting. Especially when most of us offer some of ourselves for free as it is. Whether it is charitable events or lives on social media to showcase our gifts, the bottom line is until you sit for a reading with one of us you will not know whether we are worth our fee. But here are some tips you can use to help you weed out the good ones from the not-so-good ones.

  • Testimonials – this is a big deal and if they don’t have any there is typically one of two reasons for this. Either they have just started which would be very understandable, or they genuinely are not that great! This should be your first red flag.
  • Their Name – Now it may just be me but when I want to know if someone is credible or not, I want them to show up authentically right out of the gate. The best psychics I have personally ever seen used their personal names as their business names. This way you know they are not hiding behind anything. If they are using their “actual name” they are saying, “I am the real deal and have nothing to hide”. This is why when I chose to go professional in this industry, I chose to do it with my own name.
  • Fee Structure – this is not as accurate a gauge but let me give you some insight as to how I see it. If someone is genuine and they do this for a living they are going to charge more because we don’t do this work for 40 hrs a week. We would never survive that kind of schedule of such intense work. At most I have heard others say they do between 2 and 5 (this being exceptionally high) readings a day before they begin to burn out. I myself will stop between 2 to 4 per day. This will depend on the intensity of the reading and if my week is light or heavy. There is no guarantee you will get work every day. This should help you to understand that we need to charge more for our services so that we can pay our bills. But here is my rule of thumb. If you attend a psychic fair and most people are charging one to two hundred for a session, and one or two people are only charging 25 to 40 a session, well my rule of thumb is they know what they are worth. And clearly so do those who are charging more!
  • Social Media – Have you been watching them on social media? Do they have a presence? You can really get a gauge for someone based on how they show up online. Have you seen them in action using their abilities? If the answer to all of this is a “no” I would question their confidence in their own abilities. Now in fairness most people are shy when it comes to social media, I get it because I am too, but if you want to pick the best psychic for you are you going to go with the shy quiet no presence person or the one who is confident and getting out in the world to showcase their gift? You be the judge!
  • Energy – this leads me to my last tip for picking a psychic medium. You will be drawn to someone and you will maybe not even understand why but it will be as if you see them everywhere. They come into your thoughts or show up in your social media feed or someone you know refers them to you. The bottom line is when it is time for you to get the advice from your spirit team and loved ones on the other side, spirit will put the right psychic in front of you. Pay attention to how you feel energetically towards the psychic you choose. My rule of thumb is if it doesn’t feel right LISTEN to that. But if it does feel right LISTEN to that too and book a session.

Finally, one thing you should look out for in this industry is psychics who convince you to keep coming back to them. They will do this in a number of ways. The worst one is when they tell you that you have a curse or spell, and only they can help you if you pay them hundreds or thousands of dollars to do so. They are scamming you and you should immediately contact the police if this happens to you. There is no such thing as a curse, hex or spell. The only thing that is real is suggestion and if you believe them it is likely because you are in a sensitive state as in mourning or feeling overwhelmed by life. Trust me when I tell you that these people who take advantage of you need to be arrested and charged as they are praying on you at a sensitive time in your life, and they need to be held accountable. Do not be embarrassed if this has happened to you. These parasites are professional swindlers who give legitimate folks like me and my industry a bad reputation. So, it is in my best interest to support you and help you get the help you need if you have been taken advantage of by one of them.

By knowing these tips, I truly hope you will be better advised in making a decision to connect with a true lightworker to support you on this journey of life.
Remember folks, stay shiny, and support those who do this work by giving them your testimonials to help others feel confident when it comes to them seeking advice from one of my shiny brothers or sisters out there.


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Liz Throp

In 2011, Liz chose to devote herself to being a full-time Psychic and has never looked back. She is now a recognized Psychic Medium with clients around the world.

Liz has been featured on Canadian television on "The Paranormal Show" numerous times as an expert. She and Amber Price co-host Giant TV's "The Insighters", a show dedicated to discussing a range of topics about being a Psychic Medium. Liz is the author of “The Weekly Horoscope’s” for both Giant 91.7FM and Country 89FM.