About Spiritual Canada

Our History

Spiritual Niagara was created June 1st, 2009 based on a dream that Kathy Upper had compelling her to help others find the spiritual services they were looking for.  Kathy wanted to connect people to the holistic services and practitioners their souls were seeking.  

14 years later and with 60 members at its peak, Spiritual Niagara has not only created its own community in our local region and beyond, it has fostered many amazing connections that continue to grow, thrive and are having a positive influence and impact in our world.

Our Mission

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meet the team

Amanda Dubois

Director of Operations

Amanda Dubois is an Internationally recognized Psychic Medium, a Certified Coaches Alliance Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Energy Healer and more.

She is also a paranormal investigator and has been performing house & property clearings and readings in the Niagara Region for the last 8 years. Amanda has been featured on an episode of Paranormal Survivor, Season 3, as an expert on a local case and recently was a guest on Basil & Sage, a cooking and supernatural TV show.

She was the Event Coordinator for Spiritual Niagara for a decade and continues to run informative workshops that focus on intuition development, spiritual connection, growth and healing. She is also on the team at the Rowanwood Spiritual Centre and is responsible for their programming and events.

As Director or Operations, Amanda is focused on expanding the Spiritual Canada community across this vast country.

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Bradley Rowley

Director of Technology

Bradley Rowley, a seasoned IT professional with 28 years as a systems analyst in the Alberta government, navigated the evolving landscape of the ’90s, witnessing the inception of the World Wide Web. He worked on numerous projects facilitating public access to programs and services online. His favourite project was a cluster of websites unveiling Alberta’s hidden museum artifacts and archive records over the Internet.

In 2020, Bradley sought fresh adventures in the Niagara region, and a desire to find a life coach led him to the doorstep of Spiritual Niagara. Empowered by his life coach, Bradley founded Ascendant Bits Creative Digital, a web and digital media business driven by a straightforward mission: helping people to help people.

Joining the Spiritual Niagara team in late 2021 as the Tech Whisperer, Bradley assumed the helm of the Spiritual Niagara website and delved into innovative avenues for community connection. In 2023, Bradley began crafting Spiritual Canada, a robust platform poised to propel nationwide expansion and deliver enriched content.

As Director of Technology for Spiritual Canada, Bradley will explore new avenues to share and forge connections within our growing cross-Canada community.

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Kathy Upper

Consulting visionary

Kathy Upper was employed by Niagara College for 27 years where she worked as an Employment Counsellor and Workshop Facilitator. She maintained the centre’s social media and website.

While working at the college in 2009, Kathy created Spiritual Niagara to assist others in locating the spiritual services they were seeking. She also wrote and compiled Spiritual Niagara Insights magazine, and published and event calendar.  Her most favourite role was meeting with every potential member.

After undergoing surgery in 2012, she had to leave her position at the college and ask for help for Spiritual Niagara due to new limits on how much she was able to do. She’s glad she followed her intuitive nudges, and is grateful for all the team members that have assisted with Spiritual Niagara throughout the years.

In her new role as the Consulting Visionary for Spiritual Canada, Kathy will continue to provide ideas, guidance and support to the team for the visions of the future.

Kathy will also host the new Spiritual Canada Insights podcast, an inspirational, motivational, and informative show designed to help you connect within.

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