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Be the Light!

We call ourselves human beings but often we measure who we are and our place in this world by what we do – we act as human doings!

The Sacred Energy of Spring

Spring teaches us to be patient, flexible and to be open to opportunity growth in all aspects of your life: financial, spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and social. Spring is a time to reconnect with your passion and to bring your ideas to manifestation.
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Pathfinding – Guiding You To Your True Being

Life, by design is meant to be challenging, we choose as a soul to place these obstacles in front of us so that we can feel the feelings and learn the subsequent lessons. Awareness of self, love of self and then subsequent caring of self and connection to our inner being/spiritual self are the cornerstones to living the happiest and healthiest version of ourselves while here. Through our own intuition we are guided to what that means for each of us.

Embracing Connections and Synchronicities

When I embarked on the journey of creating Spiritual Niagara, it was a dream that propelled me forward with unwavering determination. The beauty of this endeavor lay in the profound connections and synchronicities that shaped its evolution.
Are Psychics Real?

Are Psychics Real?

The bottom line is until you sit for a reading with one of us you will not know whether we are worth our fee. Here are some tips you can use to help you weed out the good ones from the not so good ones