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Amanda Dubois

Amanda Dubois is an Intuitive Psychic Medium and the Event Coordinator for Spiritual Niagara. Her messages are always direct, insightful and offer guidance and support. Amanda has recently been featured on Season 3 of Paranormal Survivor and enjoys connecting to others and their Spirits through Readings, House Clearings and Reiki Sessions. Amanda Lives in the Niagara Region with her two children where they enjoy a life filled with yoga, reading, art, crystals, spellcasting and nature. She is grateful for her connection with Spirit and it's ability to help others heal.
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Pathfinding – Guiding You To Your True Being

Life, by design is meant to be challenging, we choose as a soul to place these obstacles in front of us so that we can feel the feelings and learn the subsequent lessons. Awareness of self, love of self and then subsequent caring of self and connection to our inner being/spiritual self are the cornerstones to living the happiest and healthiest version of ourselves while here. Through our own intuition we are guided to what that means for each of us.