Alison Bastarache

Alison Bastarache

Alison overcame health challenges by embracing a holistic outlook to health and wellness.  Her path embraces sharing universal wisdom and hope through teaching, meditation, channelling and energy sessions.  She is a healer and teacher in several energy healing modalities. Her belief is when we are balanced in all aspects of our being...  physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, energy flows freely and we experience health and wellness.
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Be the Light!

We call ourselves human beings but often we measure who we are and our place in this world by what we do – we act as human doings!

The Sacred Energy of Spring

Spring teaches us to be patient, flexible and to be open to opportunity growth in all aspects of your life: financial, spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and social. Spring is a time to reconnect with your passion and to bring your ideas to manifestation.