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We call ourselves human beings but often we measure who we are and our place in this world by what we do – we act as human doings!

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We call ourselves human beings but often we measure who we are and our place in this world by what we do – we act as human doings!

We identify with our chosen (or not chosen) jobs, our social place in our peer groups or our responsibility as a parent to our children or caregiver to our parents. We let other expectations of us, whether they are teachers, parents, religious leaders or politicians, dictate who we are supposed to be or how we are supposed to act. 

As we awaken to our spiritual gifts, we start to realize how restrictive these expectations and beliefs are in our infinite universe. This can occur at any time in life but often it happens for women as they approach menopause and end of childbearing years, as the children become more independent and start to move out on their own. This often synchronizes with a cycle of opening of the Throat Chakra. Tired of living up to others’ expectations, we may start to reflect on our life lived to this point. Woman can get more assertive and vocal during this transition even releasing long time partners as they evolve. We also realize that the majority of our time on earth has passed and it’s time to start living a more authentic life, expressing our passions and creating the life we want.

The Sun is a very powerful ally; long summer days can uplift our energy and brighten our moods. Sunlight helps boost a chemical in your brain called serotonin, and that can give you more energy and help keep you calm, positive, and more focused. The sun is the most powerful source of energy in our solar (sun) system we cannot survive without it. The sun can represent success, power and enlightenment. It brightens up connections and banishes darkness on many levels. It brings hope and joy. Solar energy brings health and vitality, encouraging everything to grow.

The summer solstice is the perfect time in the solar year to embrace our light! We are instinctively drawn to the sun this time of year when the days are at their longest. Getting outdoors and enjoying nature, swimming, hiking and picnicking with family. These experiences imprint life-long memories for most of us and we can become aware of ourselves in a state of childlike wonderment.

For me, sitting in my yard watching the birds building nests and feeding babies. Laughing at the squirrel’s antics among the tree branches as they chase each other, jumping from branch to branch, sometimes upside down, hanging on only by a toe – I find myself cheering them on. Smiling at the baby rabbits as they venture out into the world from under our back shed. Watching my puppy try to catch a bird or squirrel or rabbit. These curiosities bring me back into my inner child and memories from my childhood catching toads, frogs and tadpole in the pond.

Gathering with family and friends helps us connect with love ones and share our light; recognizing the law of attraction; the more love we share, the more that comes back to us. Outdoor sports, like baseball and soccer games, encourages interconnectedness either as a player or spectator building community spirit. The community comes alive in summer as people are spending more time outdoors; neighbours tending to their properties, garage sales and children playing, to name a few.

As you embrace the solar energy of June, what lights you up?

Alison Bastarache
Alison Bastarache

Alison overcame health challenges by embracing a holistic outlook to health and wellness.  Her path embraces sharing universal wisdom and hope through teaching, meditation, channelling and energy sessions.  She is a healer and teacher in several energy healing modalities.

Her belief is when we are balanced in all aspects of our being...  physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, energy flows freely and we experience health and wellness.